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Secretary and editor of the daily newspaper LIABLE News (and ignored neobjevljeno)
Reacting to write in a diary News from 14.04.2009 year
In my very brief conversation with the inspector who requested information from me, I advised him that we had a warning of only a few days before the tragedy, “Beware of these days,” threats and pressures throughout the last period on the basis of what I am categorically stated the claim that this is a murder.

You Tube Channel – Ivan STEVOVIĆ


Since a long time I am not able to adminstriram the FORUM,

and as some want it and to seize, all sorts of ugly writing, eksremizmima from all directions trying to harm this site, and our long-term work:

I was forced to delete the Durmitor FORUM!
It was not easy because behind all of this are the work …

I know you will understand me visitors.

When the time comes, he launched FORUM scratch.

With confidence: