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Panic gripped

Panic gripped Germany
Europe in fear of terrorists

We are still in danger – said Jerga Zirka, head of the German police, after being arrested in the country Lebanese student suspected of having planted bombs on trains in Dortmund and Koblenz.

After stirred at British airports and the German authorities have raised the alarm. Yesterday he issued a warning that the country is under the threat of terrorist attacks. Security over nemačkim airports has been tightened, and the railroad announced that it will install more video cameras at stations.

Lebanese arrested student and his friend, for whom are still searching, they could be part of a terrorist organization that is intended to shed blood in Germany, German officials believe. ganar dinero desde casa

Lebanese arrested in high years, just based on the video camera footage that showed the two suspects.

That bomb did not explode, the trains in Germany, it turns out, is a matter of coincidence. Bombs in two identical bags were set to explode ten minutes before they arrive in Dortmund and Koblenz. Besides bags with bombs found in the message in Arabic with telephone numbers in Lebanon. The suspects had planned to leave the plane after the attack Germany.

In addition to the Germans and the British, and French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has warned that his country is under “serious and sustained” threat from terrorism.

While authorities search for solutions to the defense of terrorists, passengers often fall into paranoia and danger they see in everything.

Another British plane was on Friday forced landed in southern Italy after one of the passenger found a note that there is a bomb on the plane. Passengers were evacuated and, after searching for hours, the Italian police found that there was no bomb on the plane.

In just 24 hours last week, two more planes in different parts of the world are allocated for the false alarms – one on the line in London – Washington and one flight from Fiji – Australia.

“Jedanaestoseptembarska paranoia” in the U.S. has definitely spread to Europe. Long and tiring searched at airports and the occasional false alarms on airplanes, until recently, only normal in America, have become everyday travelers Old Continent.

Experts claim that the ban on bringing liquids and gels on the plane to remain in force for a long time. At British airports have introduced a special provision that will observe the behavior of passengers, and their facial expressions, and we’re just one step away from “scan to bare skin.”

American Liza Bernard was supposed to fly from London to Washington just hours after the Metropolitan Police revealed that the terrorists planned to bomb the ten aircraft.

- Police armed to the teeth, entered the plane and began a detailed search of all passengers. I felt as if I had undergone extracorporeal experience – says Bernard.

The next day was spent on the “Heathrow” with his wife sitting on the floor while her officers standing over the head with his finger on the trigger.

Increased tension immediately after the terrorist attack, but the victim is concerned. The most famous case is related to electrician Jean-Charles Menezes who was killed by the British police, thinking that the terrorists. Menezes only fault was that he ran when he was not supposed to.